Can you spend US Dollars in Mexico

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If you unsure on What Currency is used in Mexico and whether you can spend US Dollars in Mexico then our advice has always been to take the local currency as this will be more favourable for many reasons when you are on holiday in Mexico. Please see below some initial reasons as to why it is best to use the local Mexican Currency when compared with US Dollars and to help answer the question can you spend US Dollars in Mexico:

  • Local outlets in Mexico will be less likely to accept any other currency and if they do accept other currencies such as US Dollars then the Exchange Rate might not be as favourable to you once you are in Mexico and you could end up paying more for something than you need to.
  • Taking the local currency Mexican Peso with you will be easier to use and quite educational if you have children when compared with using Debit Cards or Credit Cards which might not be as widely accepted in rural locations and of course card payments will come with additional transaction fees which will cost you more money each and every time you use your card.
  • Whether you are taking a foreign currency such as US Dollars with you to Mexico or you are taking the Mexican Peso with you to Mexico then try to ensure that you only carry small bank notes with you as this will be easier to exchange for purchases especially in rural locations where suppliers or vendors might not carry the exact change you are looking to get back which could therefore cost you more than it needs to if you are unable to exchange the correct Mexican Currency or US Dollars from using any large bank notes.

Can you spend US Dollars in Mexico

  • It is quite common to tip restaurant staff in Mexico around 10% to 15% of the bill and of course any tip for restaurant staff, tour guides or taxi drivers will always be greatly appreciated, however, it will be much more appreciated if the tip is in Mexico Pesos when compared with US Dollars as the recipient will be able to reuse the money immediately without having to exchange the money back into the local Mexican Peso Currency.
  • Finally, for safety reasons always only carry with you the Mexican Peso Currency that you need for the day as street crime in Mexico can, be quite common especially in city locations. For more information please check out the Know Before You Go website from the Foreign Office for more details on staying safe in Mexico whilst on holiday.

If for any reason you do have US Dollars in cash to use up from another holiday then there is no harm in taking them with you to Mexico to use up especially if you come across the opportunity.

Although, the US Dollars Exchange Rates are sometimes better than the Mexican Peso Exchange Rates in terms of the final Mexican Peso value that you will receive when exchanging from the GBP, you will generally find it much easier to use the Mexican Peso for your Travel Money requirements which will also save you from exchanging the currency twice effectively especially if you have to use the Mexican Peso for the majority of your transactions whilst on holiday.

More recently the British Pound has been performing quite well against the Mexican Peso Exchange Rate Over The Last Year and now is a good time to visit Mexico in order to get a good deal on your Exchange Rates and Travel Money requirements and if you come back from Mexico with left over US Dollars or Mexican Pesos then you can always Sell Your Currency online through our comparison tables in order to find the best Exchange Rates for your money.

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