The changing face of Click and Collect

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Our Click and Collect comparison is, we believe, unique in the UK. We believe that in the next 12 months and beyond this is going to explode in popularity with more people using their smartphones to look at a map and see where they can get the best exchange rate right now.

I needed £100 worth of Euros just before Christmas as a gift. The travel agents in Hayle had a sign outside saying ‘best rates in town’ and they were offering €1.14 but less than 100m down the road Hayle Post Office was offering €1.147. The sign at the travel agent was an outright lie. That sign is there every day and probably has been put out every morning for years. How many people see that sign and don’t bother to look any further? Imagine if one look at your phone told you that store in front of you offered the WORST rates in town? Would you still walk in and hand over your money?

eurochange is committed to the high street, which is refreshing these days, and is a ‘complete service’ provider. You can order online for home delivery with one of the lowest entry points for free delivery at just £400. They have a buy back service for left over currency and a growing network of shops, 140 branches at the time of writing. On average they are opening 30 branches a year and not just in London but all over the UK including branches in Scotland and Wales as well. There are more branches planned in 2017 as well. Giles Custerson, Managing Director at eurochange, said: “2016 has been a successful year for eurochange with the continued, rapid expansion of our branch network and the launch of our new website. We plan to open a further 25 branches in 2017 which will create over 100 new jobs and provide a valuable foreign exchange service in key areas across the UK, so there are exciting times ahead!”

Their rates are typically good, well up in the top ten providers almost every day where the difference is often down to thousandths of a Euro but having stores you can walk into can save you Pounds on smaller orders. One of the writers here at went all-inclusive this summer and only took £400 worth of Euros and didn’t spend all that. My last trip to Switzerland was similar, I just didn’t need that much cash. If you can walk into a branch and get top ten online rates but on smaller orders you are going to same something like 2% compared to the competition.

They may not be a name you are immediately familiar with yet but they are picking up awards including the 2016 MoneyAge Award, ‘Travel Money Provider of the Year’. I would definitely put eurochange on my one to watch list this year if you are going to need currency.


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