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When planning your travels, the most important thing to decide is where in the world you want to go. But wouldn’t it be great if you could select the specific room you wanted to stay in? Thomas Cook has now made this an option.

Thomas Cook’s ‘Choose Your Room’ campaign is currently available in 50 hotels but is set to increase to 300 hotels next summer. This scheme enables the customer to choose the room they want to stay in based on their personal preferences at just €30 per booking.

How does it work?

Step 1: If you are staying in one of the hotels where this scheme operates, you will receive an email six days before departure. This simply asks if you would like to select your room.

Step 2: If you decide you would like to select a room, follow the link in the email. You will be presented with the floor plan of the rooms and facilities.

Step 3: You can use the top tips service to help determine which room will be best for you. Taking your hobbies, life style choices and preferences into consideration.

Step 4: Arrive at your hotel six days later, knowing that you will be located in the perfect room to ensure your holiday is everything you wanted it to be.

According to customer research by Thomas Cook, the option to choose a room prior to departure is a common opinion customers suggest will enhance their holiday.  A total of 87% customers said they would likely use the ‘Choose Your Room’ service.

Chris Mottershead, UK managing director of Thomas Cook said:

“We have always prided ourselves a pioneer in the travel industry and this innovation is receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the customers who’ve taken advantage of it. We think it makes a great addition to the difference they can look forward to by booking with Thomas Cook over the coming year.”

Is this a service you would consider using? Let us know in the comments below.

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Holly Burgess

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  • Avatar Patricia Elliott says:

    I most definitely would like to use this service. What a brilliant idea. Well done Thomas Cook

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