City VS Rural: Which One is Better For You?

Cities or country sides?

I don’t know which one you like more but these are what you would notice if you’ve lived in both like myself. But for you
all who have lived in only one of them then here are the differences.

1. Transportation
Oh my god, this is one of the first things I notice from living in a big city or smaller city like Bangkok and Coquitlam
to a country side like Cornwall THIS affects me a little too much. Also I’m always broke so having a car is not an option
which mean public transport is the only way for me to get to a chinese takeaway and please my tastebuds.

In a city you can get a bus, a tram and such to get to places. Even if you miss one the other will get there in less than
10 minutes. BUT in a country side, missing one bus is like missing a flight because it usually comes every half an hour or
an hour! Um… can you please not! And for some reason they’re also not cheap… I mean I have to wait for that long and I
still have to pay more??

2. Variety of food
As you can see I am from Asia which means I love sushi. But you’re not Japanese, yes that’s true but I would say most
people from Asia loves Japanese food. But the struggle of being in the country side is that there is no sushi place to be
found. There is a store for us to buy the ingredients but let’s be honest here not many of us can make food like what we
get from a restaurant.

The most things you’ll find down here is a chinese takeaway, an indian place, and another Indian place that are closest
to what you’re looking for (in the UK at least).

Meanwhile in a city like Manchester, where there’s a central park that is pretty much an empty concrete space with a
water fountain in the middle where people can chill and have a good time in the sun in a city way, I found a sushi place, a
chinatown with all types of Asian cuisines and a market dedicated to Asia.

Or what I’m trying to say is if you’re looking for multiculture choose a city, or a country side in countries like the US,
Canada, Australia where the country is filled with so many nations in one.

3. Distance from the airport
Excuse me Cornwall, can you not be 9 hours away from the country’s international airport please! Traveling from Cornwall to
let’s say Manchester is like traveling to North America from London… actually it takes longer! Last time it took me 13
hours by bus to get to Manchester! WHAT IS THIS CRAZINESS. A flight to Vancouver will only take 10 hours from London and
that’s the further side of Canada to get to!

Yes there is a flight but firstly it doesn’t take me straight to Heathrow, and secondly… do you want to know how much it
cost sometimes! And don’t even talk about the train because every single time I’ve compared its price to the flight from
Cornwall to London, it’s always been more expensive! How can a train be more expensive than a flight, I DO NOT GET IT.

4. Scenery

When you think of city views what do you think of? Skyscrapers, buildings, restaurants, roads, traffic, and more buildings. Nothing’s wrong with those because they are beautiful in their own way.

Now what do you think of when it comes to country side views? Farms, grass fields, flower fields, the coast, and a lot more. So I guess there are pros and cons for both of them.

This sounds like a biased video but trust me it isn’t, it’s just coming from my experience of living in both places. It is up to you which one you like better.

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Mink Borwornsenee

Mink is a student at Falmouth University who is passionate about food and travel. She runs a travel blog and enjoys writing and vlogging about her experiences.

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