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You may have noticed, or you may not but we have a new comparison tool for you to use when buying your travel money. Our new Click and Collect Currency pages allow you to either pick up your current location or you can type in any place you like and we will find all the national currency providers around that point that sell currency. There are limitations, we are only allowed to list people who give us permission. You may find your local travel agent isn’t listed. Not everyone compares well when put head to head on a comparison table and for that reason some smaller companies choose not to appear. One big plus side though is we have nearly 15,000 local currency suppliers listed and more are being added every week.

So how does Click and Collect Currency Work?

Most foreign exchange currency suppliers that have shops or branches do not carry a huge amount of travel money in store each day. It just isn’t safe to do so. What they normally do is ask you to give them some notice, normally a day or so and they have your currency delivered in to them ready for you to collect. Some on the other hand do have stocks of the most common currencies especially Euros and Dollars and you can walk in off the street and buy them.

With Click and Collect Currency you use their website to ‘reserve’ your currency and then walk in and collect it. Many of the supermarkets are happy for you to give just 30 minutes notice with the most common currencies if they have it in stock.


You just pick your currency, where you are, how far your are prepared to travel and whether you want the best exchange rate or the nearest store. When you get your results you can see on the map where they are and examine each one if you would like more details.


All this works really well from your mobile phone as well as on your computer or tablet so you can quite literally find suppliers centered around yourself.

Click and Collect Currency is perfect for people who do not need a lot of travel money, people for whom the delivery charge is going to wipe out any saving from ordering online or for people who will have difficulty being home to sign for a package.

We are all about trying to give you the best possible service and this is something we think will be useful for a lot of people. It is always worthwhile adding this to your bookmarks or favorites on your mobile just in case you need it. The maps are provided by Google so you can even go down to street view to check out the store in advance so you know what you are looking for!

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