Compare and Transfer Money Abroad to British Expats

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At some stage in our lives we have all thought wouldn’t it be nice to live abroad and in fact now 7% of the British population have emigrated overseas to live, work and study in the past decade according to a Home Office survey which has been nicely put together in an infographic by the foreign exchange currency specialist Currency Fair and published on the Economic Voice website.

Compare and Transfer Money Abroad to British Expats

The expats infographic clearly shows where the most popular overseas destinations are for British Expats which includes Australia, USA, Canada, Spain and Ireland as the top five favourite countries to move out of the UK for with the majority of the expats saying that they will be looking to stay overseas for more than four years.

With this in mind most of the British expats will still have family or friends based in the UK which means at some stage those contacts will need to send money abroad from the UK to the British Expat overseas which can be costly especially if you decide to only use your own high street bank whom often charge high international bank transfer fees and offer poor exchange rates at the same time.

As moving abroad has become easier for the British so has international money transfers and with the abundance of new money transfer companies and specialists coming onto the market this has allowed British Expats and their family in the UK to quickly compare and Transfer Money abroad much more easily than ever before.

If you have never sent money abroad from the UK before then please see our latest blog post called Top Tips on How To Send Money Abroad which will give you some helpful tips on how to compare and transfer money abroad to British Expats and how to find the cheapest way to send money abroad without compromising time and safety of your money during the process.

If you are ready to transfer money abroad then please use our Money Transfer Comparison service which will enable you to quickly and easily compare all of the best UK money transfer companies, specialists and high street banks including their exchange rates, the amount of money received the other end, money transfer fees and the currency suppliers rating based on previous customer feedback.

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