Coworking retreats – The new business holiday

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The number of people going self-employed in the creative and business sectors is increasing at a faster rate than ever before. As a journalism student, I was told that nearly everybody in my class will have to work as a freelancer at least once in their career.

For a lot of people, it can be due to losing their staff jobs, struggling to find employment or a chance to work independently. In the business industries, it is a chance for people to work on their own projects, with hours usually increasing.

A new type of holiday has emerged where individuals can work on projects, network with like-minded people and also get to explore a new part of the world. These holidays are typically called coworking retreats.

Sometimes working from home or in a private desk/office environment can be boring and make your work feel sluggish.

All you may need is a bit of inspiration from different places for your idea to flourish!

One of these companies that offer such retreats for creative workers is Nomad House.

They create month-long trips around the world for those looking to explore and work at the same time. Nomad creates environments where start-ups, freelancers and creating business ideas can all develop; whether that be through individual work or as a side project.

Trips for 2018 include India, Panama, Vietnam and Bali… proving the vast amount of locations they offer people that want to take their work/life balance to the next level.

Advanced technological development has meant that office spaces can be constantly on the move. I’m sure the idea of taking your work to some of the best travel destinations in the world sounds very appealing to young entrepreneurs out there. Especially with these experienced travellers taking the hard work of organising the trips off your hands.

There are plenty of other companies that offer alternative coworking arrangements and the chance to enhance your work overseas.

For more information, check out this travel piece from The Guardian which was published a couple years ago.



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