Cheap Music & Travel // Dimensions & Outlook 2017

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Home of Outlook & Dimensions Festival

Welcome to the world of live music, cheap beer, sea, sun & lots of fun.

Drop your passport off at the desk and leave your worries at the Airport, because Dimensions & Outlook Festival is a two-week long period you’ll never forget, with highs and lows in-between.

If you’re into music and lots of it, they’ll be something at the two-week long event for you, if it’s drum & bass, Jazz, House or Techno, they’ll be something you can dig your teeth into.

If the music doesn’t hit the right chord with you, then the prices will. Cheap beer, coming in at less than £2 and food to cure a hangover, 2 weeks over, coming in at less than £5.

But, we don’t just go to Festival’s because it economical, because we love every artist that’s playing, but because we love the people we’re going with. Sitting in unison, watching the sun come down over the tree’s and sea of Croatia is a sight worth catching in itself.

Looking out into the Sea in Croatia // 2016

It’s so easy for summers to get away from you, before you know it you haven’t managed to organise plans between WhatsApp & Facebook chats & who isn’t working on the bank balance over the summer, how can you nick a few days off, right?

Well, it’s time to be pro-active, get yourself down to the Croatian coastal city of Pula, and immerse yourself in Music in any way, if it’s electronic or Jazz, you’ll be sure to enjoy it.

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Don’t let special moments go to waste and plan as you mean to live your life.

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