Flight Delay Compensation

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Regardless of whether a flight was last week, back in 2005, EU rules mean if you are delayed over three hours or your flight is cancelled, you’re often entitled to £200-£500 per person in compensation.

The reason I mention this now is twofold. Firstly EasyJet are attempting this year to reduce their turn around times by 10% representing 3 minutes per flight to increase their ‘aircreaft utilisation time’ and secondly because schools are now becoming much more strict about taking children out of school during term times.

The connnection? Well, I don’t remember Easyjet crews having much time to stand around reading the paper before so finding three minutes to save probably means that there is now absolutely no margin for error. If something does go wrong during a turn around then there is no alternative but for the delay to knock on to the next flight and the next and so on like dominoes.

With the schools cracking down on taking chldren out of school during term time will concentrate families into the same few weeks for half terms and holidays. If yu flight is delayed as an adult you can enertain yourself easily enough but with an entire family it gets very expensive very quickly.

If you are left at the airport then this is where the delayed flight compensation could come in “…there are many for whom this is valuable financial justice for substandard service on an expensive product. People who paid £1,000s for flights and spent a dozen hours trapped with upset young children, sleeping on chairs in overheated airports or on planes waiting to take off.” according to Martin Lewis from MSE.

If you are unfortunate enough to need to claim Flight Delay Compensation then there is an excelent step by step guide on Martin’s website here externallinks.

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