Hen and Stag Weekends Overseas On A Budget

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When it comes to choosing where to go for a stag or hen party, budget is inevitably going to be a large factor in the decision. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t travel overseas if that’s what you’ve got your heart set on.

Here are a few helpful tips from Redseven to help you cut costs back so you can still celebrate your last days of freedom overseas.


Naturally some destinations are more expensive than others. When you take into account aspects like the cost of the flights or other forms of travel, types of accommodation available and the cost of eating and drinking out it quickly adds up. It therefore pays to do your research in order to make your budget stretch as far as possible.

One way to save money is to go for a beach destination rather than an inland city break. This way you’ll most likely spend a lot of the day sunbathing and swimming in the sea which costs you nothing; otherwise you may have found yourself spending money on other daytime activities for something to do.


If you choose the right accommodation you can end up saving a fortune. Going for a hotel will in most cases cost more than sharing apartments, or in some cases even a villa.

Further, if you go for self-catering apartments, you can buy food and drink from the local supermarket on your arrival. Buying in bulk for your group will guarantee you spend less than if you have to eat out every day and night of your stay.

Alternatively, if you’re happy stay in a hostel then this will inevitably be cheaper. In the end you’re unlikely to spend much time in the digs anyway, so as long as it’s clean and comfortable it’s worth saving your pennies for nights out.


The cost of activities varies hugely. If you want to save money you may not be able to go sky diving in Switzerland but you can still experience fun activities which won’t break the bank.

Both paintballing for stags and cocktail making for hens are two of the most popular activities available, and both are still very affordable.

Further, if you go for a beach destination you’re likely to find a lot of entertainment right on the beach which is totally free.


The most important point to appreciate when planning a stag or hen party is to be organised.

Ultimately, the sooner you start the ball rolling on the plans the more choice you will have on where you can go, what is available for you to do and what type of accommodation you can get, which will result in being able to get the best deals possible to suit your budget requirements.

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