How much Euro spending money for Crete in Greece

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If you are looking to go to Crete in Greece this summer then you will be in for a treat. We went to Crete last year which was our first time and we would certainly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going on holiday to the Mediterranean island.

Just like yourselves we were unsure on how much Euro spending money for Crete in Greece especially as we were half board in a hotel. However, after a few days of eating lunch in the hotel we decided to experiment and eat at local restaurants which were extremely great value.

For example, when we were eating in our hotel, lunch with a beer, for two people was coming out at about 25 Euros, however, when we decided to eat at the restaurant just outside of the hotel the same lunch cost us around 15 Euros and in fact we found that the portion sizes where very generous as well and the customer service was first class. The Greek people are very welcoming and we went back several times to the same restaurant during our seven night stay.

In terms of travelling around Crete the bus service is very efficient and cost effective. We stayed at this hotel which we would recommend – – however, it was fairly remote, but all you needed to do is walk up to main road and you could easily catch a bus to the main areas of Crete for a few Euros per person each way.

Over the seven nights that we stayed in Crete we spent around 500 Euros for the two people which was based on half board at the hotel so all we needed spending money for was our lunch out every day, bus fares to get around the Island, general snacks and drinks for the hotel room, drinks in the evening at the hotel and we went on two excursions whilst on holiday in Crete and brought a few souvenirs.

In terms of excursions on Crete we would recommend going to Spinalonga Island and when we did the excursion it included lunch at a local village which was very nice, a guided tour around Spinlonga Island including tours of local villages as well. Another must see excursion on the Island of Crete is Knossos which is an ancient Bronze Age village and is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Europe where Roman coins have also been found.

There have of course been many concerns about the euro currency over the recent Greek bailouts and whether this will affect Greece being part of the Euro single currency in the long-term, however, for the short term this shouldn’t really affect the risk of buying Euro currency and in fact it will give the British holiday maker an even better Euro Exchange Rate for their summer holiday spending money whilst in Crete. Here are some recent articles from Simon Calder the travel expert for the Independent newspaper and our very own financial expert Peter Rudin-Burgess on the recent financial issues in Greece, going on holiday to Greece and buying the Euro currency.

If you come back from your holiday in Crete with left over Euros you can always keep them which we did as we are going to Cyprus this year or if you have lots of Euro currency left over you can always compare Euro buy back exchange rates to find the best currency suppliers online to convert your money back into the pound.

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