How much Euro spending money for Italy

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If you are travelling to Italy for your holiday then you will need the Euro Currency. In order to work out how much euro spending money for Italy you will need will entirely depend on your holiday booking circumstances. For example, are you going to Italy as full board, half board, bed and breakfast or self catering.

Fortunately, our technical director Dan Morley at Compare Holiday Money has been to Italy several times on holiday and more recently he went Bed & Breakfast for 14 nights with his partner. They took 700 Euros each for the holiday to Italy which works out at 50 Euros per day per person.

Obviously, out of this Euro holiday spending money they both needed to account for travel expenses, lunch and dinner. The cost of an evening meal at an average restaurant was around 20 Euros each with a pint of Beer costing around 5 Euros which pretty much fits exactly in with what the following Travelex Currency Infographic is recommending as to how much regular daily items cost in Italy:

How much Euro spending money for Italy

As you can see Italy is not the cheapest place to visit in Europe for your holiday when compared with either Spain or Turkey for example. However, the enjoyment and experience that you get will be one to remember. As they say you pay for what you get.

When budgeting for how much Euro spending money for Italy you will need it is best to budget on how much things cost here in the UK for travel expenses, eating out, drinking out, excursions and any souvenirs that you might like to buy and bring home. This will allow you to at least cover your basic holiday spending money budgeting requirements when visiting Italy.

However, one thing to always remember is that it is good to have a back up contingency fund just in case of an emergency. For example, if you lose your travel money or if you over spend on expensive luxury items when out shopping or the excursions you take are more expense than anticipated.

In the UK most people are used to spending money on Debit Cards or Credit Cards which is fine when you are at home, however, when travelling overseas taking cash for your Euro holiday spending money is still the best value. We recently put together the following GBP to Euro Exchange Rate Infographic Guide which highlights the value of Currency Cash against Euro Currency Cards, Debit Cards and Credit Cards spending overseas and as you can see Euro Currency Cash is still the best way to pay for things whilst on holiday.

Another thing to remember is that when you are spending money on holiday it is much easier to pay cash in certain countries especially if you are visiting rural areas of countries like Italy where local shops may not accept debit card or credit card payments for small purchases. And, don’t forget you may like to tip your excursion tour guides in cash at the end of the day to show your appreciation.

If you are looking to buy Euros for your holiday spending money in Italy then we would recommend using our travel money comparison table which will allow you to compare the latest Euro exchange rates from the best UK currency suppliers and if you come back from your holiday with left over Euro travel money then you can always keep it for next time you visit a Euro accepting country or you can sell your Euro currency back to the best Buy Back suppliers in the UK using our Sell Currency comparison service.

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