How much Euro spending money for Paris in France

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If you are looking to visit Paris in France for a city break or even to go to Disneyland then working out how much Euro spending money for Paris in France you will need, can be difficult especially if you haven’t been before.

Fortunately, we have the following Travelex Infographic which details the rough cost of a Pint of Beer, an average cost of a three course meal for two people amongst other general spending items such as Coca Cola and Petrol if you are driving through France from the UK.

How Far Does Your Pound Go in Euros When Spending in France


How Much Euro Spending Money for Paris in France

If, you are visiting Paris in France then like most cities the general cost of day to day living items can most certainly be more expensive when compared with outside of the city. As you can see in the above Travelex Infographic France is one of the most expensive countries to go to in Europe when compared with the UK, Italy and Spain especially when you are looking at the cost of a Pint of Beer and Food in Restaurants.

Budgeting for How Much Spending Money for Paris in France will entirely depend on your circumstances. For example, are you going Full Board, Half Board or Self Catering. Fortunately, our Technical Director, Dan Morley recently went on holiday this year to Italy which is roughly the same when it comes to budgeting for How Much Euro Spending Money for France you will need.

For more information on How Much Euro Spending Money for Italy you would need, please see our recent blog post which explains a little more in detail with regards to day to day spending and budgeting tips. In terms of How Much Euro Spending Money for France you would need we would recommend adding at least 20% more on top of what is costs to go to Italy which roughly works out at about 60 Euros per person per day based on Bed & Breakfast Accommodation and then of course you would need to allow additional Euro spending money for attractions you would like to visit like Disneyland Paris or other expensive Tourist Attractions in Paris or across France.

Euro Cash or Euro Currency Cards or Spending Euros on your UK Debit or Credit Cards

In the UK we are all very much used to spending money on our Debit or Credit Cards which is fine as we don’t generally get charged to use our Bank Cards on everyday spending here. However, when you are overseas spending money on your Debit or Credit Cards, this can be a very expensive way to spend money on your holiday and the following Infographic from a recent survey with Travel FX explains in more detail the value of Euros in Cash, Euros on a Currency Card and spending via your UK Debit Card or UK Credit Card when on holiday overseas.

GBP to Euro Exchange Rate Infographic Guide

As you can see the value of Euro cash still holds the best value in terms of getting the most out of your money when compared with Euro Currency Cards and using your own cards overseas whilst on holiday.

Pound to Euro Exchange Rate and the UEFA 2016 European Championships

As featured in a recent blog post The Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate Over The Last Year and as shown below in the Historic Euro Exchange Rate Graph, we have been lucky in that the Euro has been performing poor which has enabled UK consumers to get great Euro Travel Money Rates in recent years and especially in 2015. And, the Travel Money Outlook for 2016 is looking promising especially as the UEFA 2016 European Championships Football Tournament is going to be hosted in Paris and across France.

The Pound vs The Euro Exchange Rate Over The Last Year

Special Offers on Euro Travel Money Exchange Rates

If you are looking to Buy Euro Travel Money for your UEFA 2016 European Championships Football Tournament trip to Paris or France why not sign up to our Email Newsletter now to help you keep track of the Pound Euro Exchange Rate in the coming months. Our Travel Money suppliers quite often offer sales which we send out to all our email subscribers and if you happen to miss a special offer then you can always check out the latest and Best Euro Exchange Rates by visiting our Euro Travel Money Comparison Tables to help you save money and get a good deal on your buying Euros.

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