How much spending money for Russia?

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With the FIFA world cup almost upon us Russia can expect a little boost in tourism not least from hopeful England fans hoping to see the Three Lions beating all oppositon!

But if you are travelling to Russia either for the football or for any other reason you may want an idea of how much Russian currency you need. We headed to studyinrussia for some first hand tips.

For the purpose of this article we are basing prices on £1.00 = 85 rubles.


Interestingly looking on for accommodation in Volgograd I found over 400 properties with room rates between £40 and £87 per night for every month even in the August holidays, but as you might expect in June when England play their opener against Tunisia there were only 15 properties available in that range. OK if you have more cash though there were 476 over £170 per night – bargain!

Of course the picture will be the same across Russia and the big cities will have a broad range of prices pretty much the same as the world over. One thing I did notice is that unlike their European counterparts not many of the hotels offered breakfast even at the top end.


OK so you have accommodation and flights but you need to get around inside the country. Travel arrangements will be different for world cup month and ticket holders get some concessions; Information is available on the official FIFA world cup website.

In Moscow it is quite reasonable and transport from the airport to the centre for example, would cost around 50-100 rubles (£1.00 or less) by bus and slightly more for fixed-route taxi.


You can travel on the moscow express train and 1 journey costs around 420 rubles (about a fiver).

The most expensive form of transport is a taxi and from the airport to the center this will cost up to R1500 (£15.00).

There are metro systems in 8 Russian cities, the most expensive fare is in Moscow at R55 for 1 journey (60 pence – London take note)! In other cities it is even cheaper, in Yekaterinburg it is only R28 (about 30p). A journey by bus or tram is equally as cheap.


In Moscow, cafes and restaurants range between R700 to R2000 for a meal (£9-£27) but a set lunch can be as little as R250 (£3) and fast food prices even lower.

If you were self-catering, prices of basic goods are very cheap. According to official information, the minimum shopping basket (including bread, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, milk, and sugar) in Russia costs from 3,500 to 5,000 rubles ( £40-60) a month depending on the region.

A bottle of wine costs from around R250 (£3) and a packet of cigarettes R130 (£1.50) but it’s not wise to smoke them at any price – just saying!

Credit card and identity theft is common in Russia so you may want to consider a pre-paid multi-currency card for some of your travel money as a security measure. Some of the best rates can be found with WeSwap one of our best selling travel money cards.

As you can see from our rough guide Russia is a relatively cheap place to visit. There is lots of information available and I’m sure if you are visiting you would have done your own homework.

One way of taking the stress out of travel to Russia is to have most of it arranged in advance and a very good website is Real Russia who can help organise your trip football or not.

If you are booking airport parking, the leading operator skyparksecure are offering a full refund for customers who book parking at Heathrow and Gatwick if England win the World cup! The promotion starts on 4th June and is time limited. More details on the Skypark website.

For up to the minute Russian currency exchange rate information visit our dedicated Russian ruble page.

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