How much US Dollar spending money for Florida in the USA

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Florida is one of the popular US states to visit for British families and it goes without saying that Disney World in Orlando is one of the biggest attractions to visit when you go on holiday to Florida in the USA.

With so much to see and do in Florida working out how much US Dollar spending money for Florida in the USA you will need can be extremely difficult to budget. What with the cost of living being cheaper in Orlando than it is in London for example and what with the strong pound against the US Dollar you can quite often get food in restaurants, travel and consumer products for less in the US than you can in the UK.

Based on research we have found that a couple without children could typically spend around £750+ per week whilst on holiday in Florida and if you add at least two children to the family then you could be looking at £1000+ per week which would exclude Disney World park tickets. If you are planning on going to Disney World then it is always best to book your tickets in advance as this can work out cheaper and save you some valuable holiday time in the process.

Working out how much US Dollar spending money for Florida in the USA you will need will entirely depend on your personal circumstances. For example, whether you will be staying in self catering, half board, hiring a car and how much money you would potentially like to spend on shopping in addition to the general day to day cost of living expenses.

Our example above is based on an average calculation of what typical families would spend and what with so many temptations for spending money in Florida and Disney you can easily go over budget. Our advice is to enjoy yourself, but to make sure that you stick to a day to day budget to ensure you do not run out of money before you get to the second week of your holiday.

As Florida and Disney is well commercialised access to cash machines and using card payments for your money transactions is very convenient and you can either take with you US Dollar currency cash or you could even opt for a US Dollar Currency Card which is becoming more popular these days. If you are unsure which option to choose then please see our US Dollar Currency Card Guide for more information on which solution would be most cost effective for you.

As you will see from the US Dollar Currency Card Guide that US Dollar Currency Cash is still the most cost effective way of taking and spending money in Florida, and if you would like to compare the US Dollar Exchange Rate you can do so by visiting our US Dollar currency comparison table which will display you all of the top UK currency suppliers, their latest exchange rates and how to get the best pounds to dollars conversion rate for your travel money.

If you are looking for more top tips and information on budgeting for how much US Dollar spending money for Florida in the USA you will need please visit the From Aldi to Harrods money saving blog which has a recent article about how to Save Money On Your Trip To Florida or alternatively please see this latest blog post from Anna Strudwick on the FairFX Forex blog about her experiences and advice on Disney World in Florida.

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