How To Pack A Carry-On


Have you ever been in a situation where you want to travel light but as soon as you look into your closet you just wonder how are you going to fit all of that in! Well last time we went to Germany for a week, and packed stuff enough for two people to travel with in a carry-on. We have used different techniques and they really helped us to successfully put everything in a carry on… Of course we didn’t think about the souvenirs we were planning to buy, oops! But let’s say you’re not buying souvenirs back and you’re tired of carrying a big luggage… well let’s have a look at the things you can do!

1. Roll your clothes

Because when you fold them the clothes take up much more space and you can usually put about 4-5 of them on each side, which is not very much. On the other hand, if you roll them you might be able to fit a lot more!

2. Put some stuff in your shoes 

This one helps saving more space, you can put anything that you don’t mind being inside your shoes. For example, you can fold some of your socks or anything and put them in your shoes. What you can do as well if you’re not too happy with some of the stuff touching the inside of the shoes is putting the stuff in a plastic bag and then put that bag inside your shoes.

 3. Put shoes in plastic bags

This trick doesn’t help with creating more space in a luggage but it keeps your shoes from touching the rest of the stuff if you’re concerned that the soles are dirty. OCD or not, it’s definitely recommended!

4. Put all of your liquid in mini containers

 You know sometimes you just don’t want to spend money on extra toiletries because your trip isn’t that long or whatever and also because you are carrying your luggage on the plane with you any liquid that is more than 100 ml will be thrown away. What you can do is putting all your liquids in smaller bottles; afterwards you can just put them in a separate bag. This makes it a lot easier to store, and you don’t even have to worry about the weight because these containers are pretty light. You can also transfer some of your contact lens solution, perfume or lotion. These containers can be found at any cosmetic stores or if not poundland would probably have some in stock.

 5. Bring another bag

 Don’t worry this won’t cause you more hassles. Since you need to bring your passport, purse or wallet, and all those stuff in a separate bag with you when you’re going through customs anyway might as well make a good use of it. Because you’re allowed to bring one carry on and a small bag on the plane, you can just pack your laptop, camera, all important documents or things in that bag that can be accessed easily. The benefits of doing this is it gives your luggage an extra space and it’s easier if you ever want to do your work on a long flight, you can just easily take it out of your bag.

6. Sit on your bag

 If after applying all of those tips and you still can’t close the bag, the last thing to do now is just sit and sit on it then zip it up. This trick literally works every time!


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