Is It Worth It To Hire A Car On Your Trips?

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This thought probably comes across your mind a lot… “Should I hire a car or should I go with public transport?”

Someone who’s got a small budget like me probably would not even consider that option because it can just suck out half of what you saved up for. Whether it’s worth it or not, these are the things that will define it:

1. Rental Price

When you look online and see that it costs at least £60 for a car rental each day, you would think… that’s £420 for a week… no thank you! And if you’re under 25 in Europe then the price goes up by 50% because car rentals in Europe don’t trust young drivers, that’s even a bigger no.

What if I say you can hire a car for 30 Euros a day in one of Italy’s most expensive places for tourists, will this sound more worth it? And yes even though you’re under 25.

To get this price you need to find a local car rental, because they are friendly and provide you with the local price. And besides, why would you want to pay more when you can get something similar half a price cheaper. What you should care about when hiring a car is its functionality. If the car itself is not broken anywhere and it can take you to places without breaking down on you, to me that is good enough.

This won’t apply to you if riding an expensive vehicle is on your list for travels.

2. Time it takes

This might be when hiring a car is not worth it, unless public transport can’t even reach the place. Because think about it, how pleasant would it be if you have to drive for at least 3 hours while paying for the hire car, fuel and get pretty tired by the end… don’t think it’s that pleasant.

Coaches, trains or buses might be a better option because most of the time it cost less than what a hire car and cost of fuel combined, and you get to rest and do other things along the way.

However if places you’re traveling to is within an hour to an hour an a half radius or less, then a car is worth your money because you can still get to enjoy the journey and convenience.

3. Location

This will define whether you actually need a car. If you stay or plan to travel to an area where access to public transport is limited then do it. Hire a car. Because you don’t want to be restricted whether when you should leave the beautiful beach just because buses won’t run after 6 pm.

By hiring a car you can go eat and travel to wherever and whenever. Cause I think it’s a little bit frustrating to have to rely the trip you’ve been planning and saving money for for months on public transport that won’t allow you to enjoy it. Unless you are fine with walking for at least an hour to get that meal in a special location then that’s another story, but for me in this case… a car is definitely worth it.


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  • Avatar Amy Chong says:

    I guess its worth to buying car as you can use it for a long term. Trip is one time and will be gone but again it depends on your mind as everyone has a different perception. At the end its your own happiness 🙂

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