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John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners are two giants of the high street. And, just like the other giants Tesco, Sainsburys and The Post Office they will sell you travel money.

As International travel is starting to move again with the relaxation of restrictions around the world, many bureau de change in all shapes and sizes are reopening and willing and eager to supply your holiday cash. Not least the high street giants.

We take a look at the current exchange rates for a few currencies offered by John Lewis to see how they stack up against the competition.

We looked at the exchange rate for £1000 of currency and all rates were taken from online rates at the same time on the same day.


The best seller in the UK by far and the most competitive.

John Lewis  1.1604

Tesco           1.1577

Sainsburys   1.1561

Post Office  1.1526

John Lewis come out on top for euros on this comparison and puts them top of the store giants.

US dollars

Usually the second biggest seller in the UK but because America has closed it’s borders to all travellers from the UK it has moved down the list at times. At the moment the 7th November is the date in which borders across the Atlantic will open again.

John Lewis  1.3525

Tesco           1.3493

Sainsburys   1.3475

Post Office   1.3436

Not much in it from the big 4 but John Lewis nudges to the top once again.


Turkish lira has seen a phenomenal rise over the last few years in the exchange rate against GBP. It means great value holidays (allowing for no restrictions of course)!

John Lewis 11.8893

Tesco          11.7969

Post Office 11.7955

Sainsburys 11.7091

There’s a pattern forming here.


Croatian kuna. Our data shows this was the 4th most popular currency clicked on for the last 3 months from our buy currency pages.

John Lewis 8.3619

Tesco          8.3456

Post Office 8.3437

Sainsburys 8.3244

Top marks go to John Lewis again.


Still a fairly popular currency over the previous 3 months. Surprising given the travel ban.

John Lewis 1.6367

Tesco          1.6313

Post Office 1.6310

Sainsburys  1.6284


Our little snapshot of the high street giants exchange rates has shown that John Lewis have taken top spot in our samples. This may not be the same for all currencies and you can compare the rates for over 70 currencies on our currency pages.

If you choose to buy your currency from John Lewis, you can arrange to collect your currency from any one of 29 John Lewis Bureaux or 315 Waitrose branches.

You can also buy currency online for home delivery but must spend £1000 or more to have it delivered free.

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