Lviv: the historic city of Ukraine

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Lviv (also spelled L’viv and Lvov) is a city with a lively history, and a well-preserved historic centre that is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Located in western Ukraine, around 70 kilometers from the border, Lviv holds many attractions that could make for the perfect holiday destination to explore this summer.

In particular, one of the most spectacular sights in Lviv is from the mountaintop ruins of a 14th-century castle in High Castle Park.

The trek is certainly worth getting to the top, as you’ll be greeted with panoramic views of the city’s architecture and surrounding scenery.

Along with it’s astounding views, Lviv is also famous for its mind-blowing chocolate.

Located in the heart of Lviv in the Italian courtyard at Market Square, the Museum of Chocolate has an outstanding collection of famous chocolate crafted monuments, such as the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower and the House of Parliament.

A guide will take you through the museum, giving you all the information you could possibly know about chocolate, whilst sharing some secret recipes of chocolate production.

Don’t worry chocolate lovers, a visit to Lviv Museum of Chocolate is never left empty handed.

Foodies, keep reading. The heart of Lviv has some of the best places to eat in the city, filled with restaurants, and cafe’s with fantastic coffees.

Market Square will take you back in time, with stalls complete with handmade gifts, surrounded by old buildings that create a magical atmosphere.

The buzz of enjoyment from people throughout the day doesn’t end when the sun goes down, as the night holds stage for musicians and street performers.

If you’re looking for more refined entertainment, Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet showcases some of the most spectacular performances, in an equally spectacular building.

Both the ballet and the interior of this building are regarded to be mesmerising, and you certainly get your money’s worth through the more than reasonably priced tickets.

The repertoire of the theatre now includes 10 Ukrainian musical and stage productions, preserving the stage life of Ukrainian opera and ballet classics.

Also located in Market Square, this iconic building is hard to miss, and a must-see attraction during your trip to Lviv.

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