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One of the high streets leading brands Marks and Spencer, also has M & S Bank on it’s portfolio which takes care of it’s customers banking needs including travel money, so we had a look at the M & S currency exchange rates to see how they stack up against the competition.

We should point out that M & S cardholders, like a lot of branded loyalty card holders, will enjoy slightly better rates. For this article we are going to compare the basic rates from all the suppliers mentioned but all M & S rates, including their enhanced rates can be found on their website and we have included a link at the bottom.

At the time of writing M & S don’t do home delivery but they have plenty of stores across the country where you can order for collection and the bonus is you can save on delivery charges. Don’t forget the CHM motto “You must order online to get the online rates


We have to start with the UK’s top selling currency the euro. We looked at buying £750 worth of currency which is the default amount on Compare Holiday Money, here are the results (all rates taken at the same time on the same day):

Best rate: Travel FX 1.1522 (£750 = €864)

Worst rate: Barclays 1.0993 (€824)

Mid-rate: Post Office 1.1404 (€855)

M & S bank rate: 1.1450 (€858)

Not bad from M & S in a very competitive market, they would be in the top half of the tables and only €8.00 less than the best for £750. Still, that’s a 3 course meal in some European countries!

US dollars

US dollars always a best seller:

Best rate: Travel FX 1.2892 ($966)

Worst rate: Barclays 1.2409 ($930)

Mid-rate: Tesco bank 1.2793 ($959)

M & S bank rate: 1.2831 ($962)

Not bad again for M & S, $4.00 off the best on the second most purchased currency which is a cup of coffee in New York, isn’t it?

Thai Baht

Best rate: Currency Online Group 40.6477 (฿30,485)

Worst rate: Barclays 37.9803 (฿28,485)

Mid-rate: Whitehall FX 39.3770 (฿29,532)

M & S rate: 38,1763 (฿28,632)

Not so good on this one M & S. Their THB rate would place them 3rd from bottom only just above NatWest and Barclays who have notoriously low rates. ฿1853 off the best which I have on good authority namely Numbeo, that is 3 x 3 course meals for 2 people in a mid-priced restaurant – ouch!

Aussie dollars

Best rate: Currency Online group 1.8163 (AU$1,362)

Worst rate: Barclays 1.7358 (AU$1,301)

Mid-rate: Covent Garden FX 1.8040 (AU$1,353)

M & S rate: 1.7614 (AU$1,321)

OK so M & S not really off the starting block with AUD and again only just above the other high street banks.

Talking of Oz, if you have friends or relatives in Australia we have just launched an Aussie version of Compare Holiday Money so get them to check it out – you won’t find Marks and Spencer on there though!

Last but not least;

Croatian Kuna

Best rate: Travel FX 8.4753 (Kn6,356)

Worst rate: Barclays – no surprise there then! 7.8519 (Kn5,888)

Mid-rate: Airmoney 8.4164 (Kn6,312)

M & S rate: 8.0375 (Kn6,028)

M & S will hand you 328 Croatian Kuna less than the best for your £750. That by the way, is around 18 meals at McDonalds in Croatia, thanks Numbeo – I think!

So if you want euros or US dollars and 70% of you will, then Marks and Spencer is not a bad bet if you order online and collect, for other currencies it may be best to shop around but who knows? The rates change sometimes every 5 minutes and they are always updated on our website.
Visit the Marks and Spencer website to see all available M & S rates.

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