Most Expensive Holiday Place in The UK?

When it comes to the most expensive place to go for a summer holiday in the UK, which is the first place that comes to your head?



Well this can start an argument but from personal experience, it is Cornwall.

You’re probably thinking… Cornwall? What the heck! Hear me out, these are the following reasons:

  • Hotels or AirBnB places are expensive
  • Most places are booked out for most of the summer

When I was trying to book a hotel or an AirBnB for 9 days for family to stay in either Falmouth or Penryn in Cornwall, what I found was really shocking. All hotels found on costs more than £100 (and just reminding you that is where you find hotel deals way cheaper than the actual hotel stay prices. That is every hotel in both Penryn and Falmouth in July. When I looked at AirBnB it was even more expensive and more difficult to book during the time that I wanted because they were all booked out from late May to early September.

Because of this I decided to look for the cheaper option, which was Premier Inn (the more budget friendly hotel) in Truro. The result was shown that it would cost me at least £100 per night even in the ‘saver’ option where the stay was less pricey.

On the other hand, for the past 2 summers I had to book a hotel in central London for trips with family and friends. The hotels found were less than £100 (all of them) and they were pretty decent, the most amazing thing about this besides the deals I got was that I booked these a month or two in advance. Meanwhile in Cornwall I did an early research of 3 months (started in April) and found barely anything cheap or available for the time slot.

This really changes the perspective and makes me realise how expensive of a holiday place Cornwall is compared to bigger and known to be expensive like London. Although most attractions are either free or really cheap (as they are mostly natural attractions), food at restaurants sometimes are also not very budget friendly.

But this should not discourage you from traveling to Cornwall because it is probably one of the most beautiful counties in England. It’s surrounded by clear blue, turquoise water and restaurants down here serve one of the best food around that sometimes I, myself, forget about how much each plate costs.

One way to do it to save your wallet from crying is to do either a solo or backpacking trip where you stay in hostels, eat out half of the trip and do a lot of sightseeing and enjoying the natural beauty of the county. There are so many things to do such as coastal hiking, surfing, diving, biking, camping and many more (but these are the most favoured activities by both locals and tourists).

SO what is your opinion on this? Do you think Cornwall is actually expensive? Do let us know in the comment!


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Mink Borwornsenee

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