Post Office 72 hour flash rates sale on EUR, USD, AED, THB and ZAR

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For 72 hours from 8am on Saturday 7th December to 8am Tuesday 10th December special rates will be available on Euro, US dollar, UAE Dirham, Thai Baht and South African Rand when ordered online at the Post Office.  Plus, the more money purchased, the better the rate with free delivery to either home or collect in nearest branch.

Check our latest rates table or visit the Post Office website to see how their rates compare!

Posted by Dan Morley


Dan is the co-founder and Technical Director of Compare Holiday Money.


  • Avatar mark says:

    Am I best to change my money in UK or thailand what would u recommended is best thanks mark

  • Avatar Dan Morley says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. It’s a good question and one that we are asked quite often. There is no simple answer unfortunately; sometimes it can be better to change here in the UK and other times it can be better in Thailand. There will always be good deals both sides of the border but in all honesty there isn’t much difference between the two countries either way so we usually advise to order here in the UK before you go – at least that way you know what rate you’re getting up front and there won’t be any surprises when you arrive in Thailand.

    You can compare the latest rates and buy your THB on our dedicated comparison page. I hope this helps.


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