Post Office’s Apple Watch app offers currency conversion

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I saw this story yesterday on Travolution about how the Post Office’s new Apple Watch app offers currency conversions. It covers the normal range of 70 currencies that the Post Offices website offer. The thing is that the Post Office is normally one and a half to two percent below the best in the market when it comes to currency conversion. This means that for a typical Euro order it will cost you £17 more to order your currency through the Apple Watch app than it would on your iphone if you used it to compare the exchange rates on our site and then order online.

I am not sure that this is a step forward. We (when I say ‘we’ I mean Dan) spend months on each iteration of our website design trying to get the comparison table as functional as possible. The last update was specifically aimed at making our comparison table as as useful as possible on mobile phones.

screenshot of from a mobile phone

How the Euro Exchange Rate Comparison Table Looks on mobile phones

Of course we have to show less information at a glance but you still have the full range of suppliers to choose from and all the same detail is there if you want it.

The app also features the buy back values of left over currency but again only the Post Offices rates. What you don’t get is the choice of the best rates. If you want to see how much difference it makes with buy backs you should have a look at our sister site []. I feel the point of the app is to try and lock out the competition rather than add a useful function to the watch. I don’t have a watch (of any sort) so I have not tried the app myself I am only going on the travolution article.

So far we have avoided the whole ‘app’ market as we have generally found that apps offer less than just using the website on your phone. Would you be interested in having a Compare Holiday Money App?

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Peter Rudin-Burgess

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