Pupdate: Immie the Guide Dog

Immie the Guide Dog

In March of this year, Compare Holiday Money sponsored our second guide dog, Immie, from the UK Charity Guide Dogs.

Immie is walked by Guide Dogs puppy walker Laura, and has become part of her family. Immie is known as the celebrity of the village, winning the hearts of the residents on her walks. She is currently undergoing the start of her journey to becoming a guide dog and has made a great start!

Immie’s progress so far

Immie has become confident walking on her lead which is extremely important. She has been practicing walking in shopping centres- this allows her to get used to walking up steep steps and on a slippery surface.

Immie is known to be unfazed and has even learnt how to weave in and out of bollards. One of her favourite places to visit is the bank (now she understands how the automatic doors work!)

Immie is making excellent progress, although can be very excitable when she meets new people. This distracts her from her work, so she has been doing exercises to improve this. Immie’s walker Laura takes her to the supermarket so that she can get used to people walking past her.

Immie is quickly adapting to her lifestyle and has enjoyed being stimulated by new sights and smells. It won’t be long until Immie will be at training school and starting a new adventure.

We are so proud to sponsor Immie and can’t wait to see the progress she has made in February next year.

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