Pupdate: Irvine’s First Steps


Meet Irvine, the newest guide dog trainee that we are proud to sponsor. We regularly support Guide Dogs UK, who work tirelessly to ensure that those with sight loss can enjoy the same freedom as everyone else. Let’s get to know this little fellow!

Irvine currently lives with Abigail, who is Irvine’s puppy walker. They have made a strong bond as Abigail has been teaching him basic skills. Irvine is loyal in nature, to the point where he follows Abigail around the house.

New Skills

Irvine thoroughly enjoys attending his classes and has recently had his first experiences on public transport. He sat very nicely on both the train and bus, even when other dogs were misbehaving. Loud noises do not seem to phase Irvine, as he is now more comfortable in his surroundings.

Abigail is working to improve Irvine’s lead work, as he tends to pull from her a lot. This is a vital skill he needs to learn as he will need to walk with his future owner at a steady pace. This is quite normal behavior for a puppy Irvine’s age, as there is a lot to take in within a new environment.

Irvine loves his food, therefore the best way to train him is to bribe him with a treat! The charity has high hopes for Irvine, as he is very intelligent and loves to learn.


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