Re-imagine your holiday

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If your plans for a holiday have fallen foul of the recent travel warnings or flight disruptions, you could re-imagine your holiday to fit your circumstances. It is a perfect time to put into action all those projects or adventures you have been putting off. Write a book, compose a song, climb a mountain or learn something new. There are plenty of enjoyable ways to occupy yourself without interacting with strangers.

Go somewhere remote

Thanks to the marvel of modern technology, you can charge your car up in the comfort of your own home, and order all of life’s essential online. So if you don’t want to spend your time off work at home, it is now making it easier than ever to disappear and still enjoy yourself.

Re-imagining your holiday could take you to some stunning remote places in England. Could you be tempted by a luxury self-catered stone cottage on a welsh private estate, located in the middle of miles and miles of hilly, lush, secluded countryside with spectacular views of Snowdonia? Or a solid granite building on the tip of the Penwith peninsula where you can surf in private. Or a converted barn in one of England’s most beautiful landscapes, sandwiched between the Pennines and the Lake District, with an aga to dry out your thermals.

Getting off the grid is easier than you think. With fantastic scenery, an abundance of culture and some unusual historical stories, re-imagining your holiday in the far corners of England can provide a rewarding adventure. And you won’t find many other people at this time of year scrambling around the Peak District or exploring the rugged dales, tall peaks and windswept moors of Yorkshire or Scotland.

Stay at home and learn

If you have always had a burning ambition to learn a different language, play the guitar, or write a book, now is your chance. With a broadband connection or a CD player, you can do all of these and more.

There is a multitude of online resources to help you fill your time in isolation, and some of them are free. With music available for lead, bass or even Ukulele, you can emulate Peggy Lee Radiohead or Oasis. All you need is patience and some equipment.

If you want to learn a language in preparation for when life returns to normal, then the world is your oyster, and it won’t cost a penny. From beginner, intermediate or conversational level, you can learn a little or a lot depending on your mood. It might not make you proficient, but it will give you an excellent start.

Duolingo is a free resource which is easy to use and good fun. OpenCulture can help you learn the most popular languages French, Spanish, Italian, and the harder ones like Mandarin and Russian. Even obscure ones like Icelandic and Gaelic.

If there is a book in you waiting to be released, find your perfect spot, fire up the computer and let it pour out. Learn how to structure the book, then learn how to edit it. Then if you think you have a bestseller find an agent or self publish! It is possible to write a novel in a week if you write 7,000 words a day.

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