Fancy a European road trip?

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A road trip is the ultimate way to explore the bewildering beauty of any country. However, after toll charges and rental car fees, petrol costs can be one of the biggest holiday expenses. No one wants to pay more than they have to.  So being aware of the fuel prices before you plan your next four-wheeled adventure could mean a little bit of extra spending money for other treats.

Where can you get the most mileage for your money?

At the moment, the UK’s fuel prices are relatively low compared to other parts of Europe, which is great news for staycationers. But if you are bursting to explore further afield, most of the Eastern European countries (including Russia) offer significantly lower fuel prices. However, there are also a few anomalies you may not be expecting. Austria, Andorra, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain and Turkey all offer cheaper the UK petrol prices at the pumps.

Cheap and stunning

The experts say 5-8 litres of petrol consumed per 100km is generally considered to be good fuel efficiency. But an average of 8-12 litres is a much more realistic figure for a car cruising the local byways at sightseeing speeds.

With that in mind, the four hour, 400 km drive from Malaga to Murcia offers an opportunity to take in some of the best bits of Andalucia, including Grenada. This route also offers attractive fuel costs. At you just over £35/40 euro, the lower fuel tariffs highlight Spain as a very attractive destination for an Autumn road trip.

Croatia is tempting too. The amazing three-hour pine fresh meander along the Dalmatian coast from Split to Dubrovnik is a route not to be missed. The cost of travelling the marvellous 229 km alongside an aquamarine coastline flanked by towering limestone mountains, is a mere £22/25 euro.

Equally as stunning, and not to be forgotten is England’s rolling Atlantic highway. A scenic four hour, 229 km amble through some breathtaking scenery. From Bridgwater to Newquay, costs an estimated £23/26 euro.

Beautiful but pricey

With fuel prices high for both petrol and diesel in Portugal and France, winding your way through their rugged, inspiring landscape is no longer a cheap option.

Lined with cork and eucalyptus trees. The fragrant three and a half hour, 281 km Atlantic route from Lisbon to Lagos, will set you back a whopping £33/37.5 euro. And cruising along the historic four and a half hour, 315 km Route Napoleon from Grenoble to glorious Cannes, will leave an unfortunate £35/40 euro dent in your wallet.

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