Rugby World Cup: Travelling to Japan

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Japan will be hosting the Rugby World Cup this September and is the very first Asian nation to do so. This year, many rugby fans will be making the journey to Japan to watch the tournament. Japan has a very unique culture which will provide an impressive backdrop for the Rugby World Cup. Here is what you need to know:

Local Laws and Customs

When preparing for your trip, it is important to be aware that Japan is a very different country to the UK. You must take responsibility for your own safety and make yourself aware of key local laws and customs. Penalties for most offences tend to be more severe than in the UK – this includes minor offences. For example, Japan has a zero tolerance to drug use. Not all over the counter medicine is legal in Japan.

Anti-social behaviour

Japanese people are very welcoming to British travellers and want to encourage a safe hassle-free trip. Please take note that by nature, Japanese people are more reserved. Loud and boisterous behaviour is not as acceptable in Japan as it is in the UK.


Random ID checks are a common occurrence in Japan, so please cooperate if asked to show identification. Visitors are required by law to carry passports at all times.

Carry Cash

Japan is mostly a cash society and not all places accept credit cards. Please notify your bank to let them know you are going to Japan, so that you are able to use your card freely and prevent it being blocked. If you are taking cash then find the best rates for your Japanese yen.

Your Safety

Although Japan is a very safe country, it is important to be aware that pick-pocketing and drink spiking is on the rise. Please take care of your valuables in tourist areas and keep an eye out for unsavoury behaviour.

Police: 110

Ambulance and Fire Services: 119

You can find more information on the government website and you can sign up to email alerts for travel advice when visiting Japan. Here at Compare Holiday Money we wish you a safe trip and hope you enjoy the Rugby World Cup.

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