Santander currency exchange rates 2021

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If you bank with Santander and buy your travel money with them, or if you are looking to compare their rates then you can read our comparison guide below for some popular currencies. Alternatively, you might like to compare the Santander exchange rate with all our listing travel money companies before buying your travel money for your holiday.

Generally, online fx companies offer better exchange rates which will enable you to get a better deal for your travel money and to ensure you get more currency in your pocket for your holiday or trip abroad.

The Santander travel money page offers a range of currencies and by selecting the currency you‘re interested in and adding an amount you will see the current exchange rate*  

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We selected £750.00 of euros and the exchange rate was 1.1194.

If we compare this to other travel money companies on our euro comparison page you will see that the best rate is 1.1553 followed by 1.1530 then 1.1503. This shows that the Santander rate is very poor compared with other foreign exchange companies.

You could get an extra €30 more in your exchange for £750 and over €40 more for £1000 by choosing a different company, and this includes free delivery to your home address.

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We compared the rates for 4 other leading currencies for £1000 after delivery costs were calculated and this is what we found:

US dollars

Santander rate: 1.3295. Best rate: 1.371 with Currency Online Group. $42.00 less by buying with Santander.

Turkish lira

Santander rate: 10.8703. Best rate: 11.0955 with Travel FX. ₺225.00 less with Santander.

United Arab Emirates dirham

Santander rate: 4.7912. Best rate: 5.0068 with The Currency Club. This would give you and extra D251.00 with TCC.

Czech koruna

Santander rate: 27.5557. Best rate: 29,0206 with Travel FX. An extra Kč1,465.00 for your £1000.00 exchange.

As you can see the Santander rates don’t stack up favourably against some of the competition. It is a reality that most of the high street banks offer very poor exchange rates and usually sit at the bottom of our comparison tables for most currencies.

If you would like more details for any of our listing travel money companies, just click on the ‘more details’ tab under the logo and this will show you much more information including any postage costs:

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Currency quickly

If you are looking for currency more quickly especially on the high street, you can see other online travel money companies such as John Lewis/Waitrose, Tesco and Eurochange are some of the suppliers that offer some good exchange rates with reserve and collect available from their local branches which will be much better than buying your travel money from Santander based on this comparison.

You can check out our click and collect travel money comparison tool which will enable you to search with your local postcode to find the best exchange rates in your local area for last minute travel money purchases.

However, if you have time then ordering online will always allow you to get the best exchange rate in advance rather than leaving it to the last minute. Our advice is to always buy your travel money in advance of at least one week to allow time for order processing and Royal Mail special delivery to your home address.

Santander travel money exchange rates 2021 – Conclusion

We very much hope that you found the Santander travel money exchange rates 2021 article useful and that it will help you get a better deal when you are looking to buy your holiday money in the future.

*All rates taken online between 10.30am and 11.30am on the day of publication see live current rates here.

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