Should Delivery Charges be Included in a Quote for Currency?

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Is Including  Delivery Charges Fair?

Last week we made a change to the way that we displayed our currency comparisons. You can now choose whether to include or exclude deliver charges. Now that may not sound like a big deal, but there are a lot of foreign exchange companies in London and most people could get to the post office so it is a realistic option to collect your currency and save to the delivery fees.

The delivery fees themselves are often around the £4-£5 per order and depending on who you buy from may only apply on orders below typically £500. The way we are working things right now is if you compare £500 worth of currency we check to see if delivery charges would apply and if they do display how much currency you would get for a total cost to you of £500. The alternative is to show the amount of currency £500 would buy and you would then have to pay delivery on top.

What we would like to know is:

  • If you are comparing £500 in Euros, do you want to spend £500 or £504 and what should we show on our comparison table?
  • Would you prefer the deliver charges to be deducted as standard and have an option to turn that off or no delivery charges as standard and have to click to turn them on?

At the end of the day we know you are still going to buy what you can afford, we just want to make our comparison service as good as it can be whilst still being the simplest comparion site online.

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Peter Rudin-Burgess

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