Terrorism Hits Holiday Bookings

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The headline above is no surprise, obviously. What struck me was that in the past you were talking about Tunisia and Libya but after this year we now have France and Germany on this list.

It was striking while I was in Iceland how many French visitors there were and a couple I spoke to said that they chose Iceland because they just wanted to feel safe and able to just forget about the news at home.
Iceland is a pretty expensive destination and as most people go on holiday to get some reliable sun then that is not the destination for them. the big winner in all this is Spain.

Bookings to Spain have increased by 19% in the first half of this year accordingt to figures published by the BBC this week for the you and Yours programme.

Turkey has been a popular destination for UK travellers looking for autumn breaks but with the threat of terrorism and this summers attempted coup it does not look so attractive. Bookings are reportedly down by 15% compared to last year s far with worse still to come. According to the BBC data Turkey will be hardest hit, with bookings for September to December expected to be down by 52% on the same period last year.

The research also suggested Spain, Portugal and Italy may be the favoured substitute destinations in southern Europe this year and next.


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