The Mexican Peso Currency Exchange Rate Over The Last Year

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If you are looking to visit Mexico this winter for some extended summer sun then you will be pleased to know that the Mexican Peso Currency Exchange Rate over the last year has dramatically improved which is good news for UK consumers looking to exchange their Pounds into the Mexican Currency.

Using our historical exchange rates graphs you can see below that the Pounds to the Mexican Peso Currency has gradually been improving over the last year since last November 2014.

The Mexican Peso Currency Exchange Rate Over The Last Year

As you can see with above exchange rates graph that the lowest point of the Mexican Peso Exchange Rate was last September 2014 when it was at 20.3915 and the highest point was more recently in August 2015 when it reached 26.1869 against the GBP.

For UK consumers looking to exchange for example £1000 into the Mexican Peso Currency this is a difference of 5795.4 Mexico Pesos which is roughly equivalent to around £221.00 which is quite a lot of extra spending money for your holiday to Mexico. In order to check out the latest Mexican Currency Exchange Rates please use our Buy Currency Comparison Table which will help you easily choose the best Travel Money suppliers in the UK.

The Mexican Peso is a widely traded currency in the UK with many Travel Money suppliers to choose from, however, never leave it too late to compare exchange rates and especially do not buy at the airport as the exchange rates are typically 10% more and it gives you less opportunity to shop around. Comparing and buying currency in advance gives you more control over the exchange rates that you can buy at which will help you get a much better deal for your Mexican Currency spending money.

Street crime in Mexico can be a issue and we would advise taking out small amounts of cash with you when you are out and about and if you are considering a Pre-Paid Currency Card you will struggle to find a Currency Card which allows you to load Mexican Pesos onto it. However, US Dollars are accepted in Mexico, but they won’t be as widely accepted especially in less touristy locations.

Our advice has always been to take the local currency with you to the country you are visiting as this will gives the best return for your spending money and better buying power as some vendors or suppliers may not offer good exchange rates on accepting other currencies such as US Dollars.

If you need back up money in case of an emergency always make sure that you have a credit card available and if you come back with any left-over Mexican Currency then you can always sell this back using our Sell Currency Comparison Table to get the best Buy Back exchange rates on exchanging your Mexican Money back into Pounds.

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