Thinking of travelling without insurance? Think again

Some people see travel insurance as a waste of money: Frequent traveller’s who complete their journeys without any disruption, or even those who’re going abroad for the first time, and are oblivious to the unexpected.

More often than not, the unexpected can get in the way of any well prepared trip away from home. You wouldn’t set off to the airport without your suitcase, so why do so many of us leave travel insurance off our holiday items tick list?

Believe it or not, travel insurance could be one of the most important purchases you make before you go away. Here are the basics that travel insurance should cover, and hopefully some reasons for you to consider buying travel insurance if you don’t already have it.

Cancellations & Delays
With the growing number of holiday deals comes an increase in travellers and cancelled flights. This is a big inconvenience to anyone itching to get away in the sun – nobody likes to be held back or made to wait longer than they need to.

Cancelled flights and delays can’t always be avoided, but the right travel insurance could have you on the next flight to your destination or provide you with accommodation for the night. If your flight is delayed you could also be entitled to compensation, so always keep a hold of your receipts.

Insurance can also cover the cost of a holiday if you have to cancel because a family member has fallen ill, or you simply can’t afford it anymore. However, always check your travel insurance policy to avoid disappointment as they may not pay out for certain circumstances.

Belongings & Luggage
No matter how organised or vigilant you are, your things can easily get lost, damaged or even stolen. Travel insurance can cover the cost of this, and ease the potential problem caused for the rest of your travels.

Limits on pay outs will vary between different policies, so make sure you consider what you’re taking with you as to what insurance you might need.

Emergency Helpline & Medical Cover 
A 24-hour helpline can be a hidden lifesaver, especially if you’re in a different time zone from home. A lot of insurance companies offer this, and you never know when you might need it.

This works well with medical cover, because if you fall ill abroad or have an accident, you could end up with a nasty medical bill. Always check the policy of travel insurance when it comes to medical cover, as some might not include being flown back home if you need to be.

Also consider what type of vacation you’re going on, as a relaxing beach holiday might not need as much cover as a skiing trip. Don’t pay more if you don’t need to.

Decided you need travel insurance? Before you make a purchase, make sure it’s the right one for you that meets your individual needs. Remember, the cheapest travel insurance might not be the best.


Posted by Jade Taylorson

Jade Taylorson

Jade is Journalism graduate from the University of Central Lancashire. She is a freelance Travel Blogger for Compare Holiday Money, and Online Production Journalist for ITV Border News.

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