Thinking of Using your Credit Card to Exchange Currency?

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This is the third of my four part blog post series, where I’ve been looking at different payment methods to exchange currency. In my previous posts, I’ve looked at cash and debit card payments.

Today, I’m looking at the advantages and disadvantages of paying for your holiday money with a credit card.

Are you thinking of paying to exchange currency with a credit card for an upcoming holiday? Take a look at my video below to find out all you need to know.

Suppliers accepting credit card payments:
• WeSwap
• Debenhams
• Airmoney
• Sainsburys
• Currency Exchange Corporation
• Post Office
• Marks and Spencer

Not sure about paying by credit card and want to look into other methods? You can read my blogs about paying by cash here, and paying by debit card here.

Next week will be my final post of the series, looking at the pros and cons of paying for holiday money via bank transfer. In the meantime, you can check our site for the best exchange rates here.

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Jade Taylorson

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