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Thomas Cook, Thomson and First Choice like all travel agents and holiday companies have a captive market when it comes to selling currency. You know them and trust them, you get a great deal on your holiday then they help you with the little extras like travel money and insurance. But, when you compare the Thomas Cook travel money rates how do they stack up against the other high street and online retailers?

By far the best selling currency in the UK is euros followed by US dollars and we had a look at the Thomas Cook exchange rate for these currencies*:

Thomas Cook Travel Money Rates - euros and us dollars

Comparing that against the best exchange rates on offer we saw this difference:

Thomas Cook Travel Money Rates - euros and us dollars Compare Holiday Money List

If you were buying £750 worth of euros, with Thomas Cook you would get €825.90, with the top supplier WeSwap in this case, you would get €834.38.

For £750 Thomas Cook would hand you US $965.85 for a rate of 1.2878, top of our listing Travel FX on the other hand would make it  US $976.58 for a rate of 1.3021.

See the latest deals for euros or USD.

OK so you’re not going to boring old Europe or the hyped up USA, you’re going to Thailand with Thomas Cook! and it just so happens your friends are going to Mauritius at the same time so how do the exchange rates look for your dream holiday currencies? As you are going for two weeks you will need £1500 of Thai Baht and Thomas cook are offering you a rate of 40.2662 which means you will get 60,399 THB.

Thomas Cook Travel Money Rates - Thai Baht

Looking at Thai Baht page on Compare Holiday Money we see the top rate of 43.0127 from WeSwap which will get you 64,519 THB, and out of 26 suppliers only First Choice and the high street banks had worse rates than Thomas Cook.Thomas Cook Travel Money Rates – Compare Holiday Money Thai Baht

When your friends buy their Mauritian Rupees the story is similar. Thomas Cook have a rate of 41.0880 which will translate to 61,6321 MUR but our top performer Sterling,  is offering a rate of 43.5570 which will get them 65,335 MUR and again you would have to trawl to the bottom of the list to find rates of 41.0880 or below.

Thomas Cook Travel Money Rates – Mauritian Rupees

Thomas Cook Travel Money Rates – Compare Holiday Money Mauritian Rupees

The message here of course is even if you get great deal on your holiday and Thomas Cook do have some brilliant deals on holidays we regularly feature their holiday deals in our newsletter. However, as with all travel agents and holiday companies they may not offer the best deals with currency so shop around and you will always find the best deals online whether for collection or home delivery.

Another important point to make is that the exchange rates advertised online are for ordering online. If you just walk in to a Thomas Cook branch or any of the supermarkets or the Post Office for that matter you will find the rates are not as good as the online rates.

Hopefully that gives some insight into the differences you can find with your holiday money rates and if this article saves you enough to buy the kids an extra holiday treat then it’s job done!

*All rates shown are at the time of writing and may vary. All current rates are available on Compare Holiday Money and Thomas Cook websites.

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