Tips for keeping your luggage safe

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It’s the time of year where we begin to get excited for our summer holiday plans! By nature, we don’t like to assume the worst in others. However, when visiting a new destination we can find ourselves being too trusting when other people handle our belongings. Your luggage is your home comfort away from home, so it is extremely important to remember to keep it safe. Read on for our top tips for keeping your luggage safe when travelling abroad.


This is a no brainer. When heading on your travels it is important to have the correct insurance. Your belongings may contain valuables – both the financial and sentimental kind. If your belongings were to be stolen or lost, you could be able to recoup the cost of what has gone missing. Click here to compare travel insurance quotes.

Keep your valuables close

Your passport and wallet should be kept as close to your person as possible. Do not make the mistake of putting them in the front pocket of your backpack. An alternative could be to keep a money belt under your clothes or to use a smaller bag around your body. It is also worth keeping money in multiple places. For example, if you lost your backpack which had your bank card in, you would be able to get back to your accommodation because of the cash in your money belt. This precaution could be vital when keeping yourself safe, especially if you are out at night time.

Take a photograph and write a list

Whether this be of the luggage you are flying with, or the bag your taking out for the day. It is a great idea to take a photo or write down a list of the contents of your luggage before you head out. This is a great way to ensure you have everything with you if you are hopping from one accommodation to another. Also, if your luggage is lost when you fly, you will be able to provide the airport staff with an exact visual of what your luggage looks like. Being that bit more organised could save you a lot of hassle.

Check your zips and locks

Don’t make yourself an easy target! If you carry a bag that does not shut securely, then unfortunately you are more vulnerable and more likely to have your belongings taken. Simply invest in cable ties and mini padlocks to keep your belongings more secure. The harder it is to get into your bag, the more safe you are.

Make your luggage look unique

Make sure that you have something that identifies your luggage. For example, I have a floral suitcase which is from a well known high street store, so other travellers are likely to carry the same one. When I travel, I tie a yellow ribbon around the handles, and also have my contact details on a luggage tag in case I lose it.

Buy a tracker

It is becoming more and more popular for travellers to put a tracking device in their luggage. You will be able to see from an app on your phone where you luggage is, whatever the distance. This is perfect for both day bags and suitcases, and may also help if an airline loses your luggage.

Here at Compare Holiday Money we hope that you have a safe trip abroad. Keep an eye on the blog for more tips and information.

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