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Over the last year  Compare Holiday Money had 21.8 million page views across the website* so who are the top 10 visited currency suppliers? They are certainly a mixed bag of companies from very small independent bureau de change to large multi-million pound corporates who are household names.

Like all websites we are able to analyse the data and see how many visitors each company had to their website from our users. For this article we took all visits, or ‘click events’ as they are recorded, so this could be for buying currency as well as selling currency and pre-paid cards. It is not an indication of how good a supplier is or how good their rates are, simply the top 10 by visits.


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Never mind the doom and gloom stories you see in the media. For the second year running the in-store bureau of Debenhams have been the top visited supplier for home delivery and click and collect. They have opened more bureau in recent times and their competitive rates and strong brand image have kept them at No.1.



Again as last year, Travel FX are the top independent supplier for visitors from Compare Holiday Money. Although they are exclusively home delivery with no branches or stores, this means they can offer very competitive rates.



Needing no introduction, this is the financial side of the grocery store we love and they offer good rates and a great brand image. They are number 3 in the list as they were last year.



Currency Online Group affectionately known as COG, and another independent in the top 5 having moved their way up from 6th place last year. COG have very competitive rates particularly on buybacks across all currencies. Although they have no shops as such, they do have some collection points in London.



In 5th place for the second year running is the Currency Club. A subsidiary of Sterling Consortium Ltd. The Currency Club have no branches but great online home delivery rates and like all the top 5  great reviews.



Moving up one place to 6th is the independent high street brand eurochange. They offer good online home delivery rates but a network of branches across the country means you can save postage on buying and particularly selling currency by, visiting in person. eurochange also have tiered rates so the more you buy the better the rate!

Remember, as always with click and collect, you must make the transaction online first because walk-in rates for any suppliers will never be as good.



Slipping 3 places down to 7th is Sterling. As the name suggests this is also a subsidiary of Sterling Consortium Ltd. Sterling have been established since 1972 and were one of the first to be offered a license to trade by the Bank of England. If you want to collect they also have a branch in London.



Maintaining 8th place for the second year is Sainsbury’s Bank. Another huge brand with a big network of in-store bureau. It might be surprising that this giant of the shopping world is down in 8th but although brand image is important to all of us, the amount of currency you get for your hard-earned is even more important.



In 9th and up from 10th last year, is the good old Post Office. It has to be said that their rates are not always the best available and neither are the reviews but, with thousands of branches it makes them top of the pops for click and collect. Like eurochange they have tiered rates so larger amounts get a better deals.



Shooting up to grab 10th position from last years 16th is WeSwap. Kings of the pre-paid currency card they also offer very competitive rates for currency on home delivery and this has made them a popular choice.


So as you can see we have a mixed bag of companies occupying the top 10 and the balance between brand image and currency rates is a fine one. At the end of the day, we want to get the best deal we can for our travel money and Compare Holiday Money sets out to provide as much information we can about all the listed suppliers so ultimately the choice is yours!

Don’t forget that payment options are important for buying and selling currency and we enable you to select that choice on the currency pages. For more information on payment options see this article.

*Data as recorded by Google analytics from Oct 24th 2017 to Oct 24th 2018


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