The perfect travel camera – is there one?

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Choosing the right camera to capture your holiday experiences ultimately comes down to size and output. Whether it will be used for a quick weekend break with limited hand luggage. Or an epic adventure to a bucket list location. What do the experts recommend?

The overall consensus in the industry, confirmed by TechRadar, suggests that the standard smartphone camera is perfect for fun point-and-shoot pics. Particularly those destined for social media sharing.

Since the first phone cameras came on the market their performance, particularly in low light, has improved significantly. The latest dual-lens options take the technology one step further. Sophisticated optical zoom. Added depth-of-field focus effects and ultra-wide angle options. These were formerly the prime benefit of the compact camera. Now coupled with advantageous phone accessories and photography apps. The potential of the standard phone snap has been taken to another level.

So if phone cameras are now offering the equivalent features of fixed lens compact cameras or DSLRs, why bother packing them as well?

According to Digital Camera World, the ultimate in image quality. The best possible low-light performance.  And killer optical zoom capabilities are still only offered by lightweight camera bodies with interchangeable lenses. Bulkier than the standard travel fixed lens compact. But not as big as the traditional DSLR’s, these are not an ideal handbag or pocket solutions. So a choice really has to be made. Is the quality of your image really worth the extra luggage space or cost?

CNN Travel, favour the mid-range compact camera as the perfect travel companion for the average user. Easy to get to grips with. Slim, with a good pixel ratio and a generous zoom range. These multi-use cameras also produce decent images good enough to create high-quality prints. The added inbuilt WiFi capacity is a definite bonus. Uploading photos to the cloud for storage or phone for social media sharing is now a possibility. Making the compact camera a very attractive alternative for the average traveller. So if your focus is on using the final result for much more than just boasting on social media, the compact camera could be your solution.

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