Travel destinations where they speak English (Africa and Southern America)

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From our last post, we introduced you to countries around Europe and Asia where they speak practically perfect English nearly everywhere you go. Now, we’re going to explore Africa and Southern America to see where to go without facing a language barrier.

Let’s see the top 3 countries in each continent.



Located in East Africa, this country is still one of the poorest countries in the world. However, they are climbing out of poverty, and faster than you expected!

Fun fact: Do you know that English is Uganda’s official language?

Yes, you heard that right. They also have their own native languages too but English is used in schools, institutions and government addressing. Most Ugandans are fluent. They are also addressed by World Linguistic Society to be the best English speakers in Africa.

So when are you going to book your flight to Uganda?

South Africa

In this country, English happens to be one of its 11 official languages! The have their own version and accent of English, similarly to American, Australian and Canadian English. Some of the words such as ‘late’ might mean ‘deceased’, depending on circumstances.

Not only that, there’s also a big chunk of British population that reside in South Africa. This is because the country used to be part of the British colony.


The third African country on this list is none other than Nigeria. This is another country that has English as an official language. It is taught in schools and institutions, and are used widely by retailers, government, etc.

However despite this, only 53% of the population can communicate in English well. The percentage sounds slightly disappointing but if you look at the number of population: about 79 million can speak the language. Now it seems a lot!

South America


This is another travel destination that English is the country’s official language. Their English is similar to many former British colonies. It is mainly influenced by British English with some African and East Indian touches. This is called “Guyanese Creole”, and the majority of people use it.

However, in schools and institutions, they use British English as the basics.


Who doesn’t have Bahamas on their bucket list? If you don’t, you will end up adding it sooner or later. Pictures of the place are all over social media and so many influencers have been there at least once!

Same as Guyana, English is Bahamas’ office language. Many travellers who have visited the country said more than 95% of people in Bahamas speak perfect English! Amongst each other, they will speak the regional language which has a big English influence. However, if they know you are tourists, they will speak to you using proper English.

So save up, prepare lots of swimsuits and book your flight to this paradise on earth!


There is a misconception that Jamaica has their own version of English like Bahamas, heavily influenced by their native languages. However, many Jamaicans disagreed with this! They said their English is basically British English and that is all. This is unless you’re talking about their native languages called ‘patios’.

So rest assured, most people over there understand you perfectly no matter what accent you have, Scottish, British, American accent, anything!

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