Travel Essentials

Besides all the bits and bops like clothes, shoes, cameras, electronics, and all those basic things you need to pack when going traveling, there are more stuff that are so essential, they might even save your life. This is no exaggeration by the way; those things are legit life-savers.

Item number 1:

Portable charger

Yes, it’s annoying to carry especially the ones that are quite big… but trust me this thing is probably more important than a purse… just kidding, purse is life.

Why you ask?

Because when you go traveling, you usually spend more than 4 hours sightseeing or exploring and battery life for phones these days don’t last as long as they used to. If you have a SIM card abroad and let’s say you need to call an ambulance and you can’t cause your phone is dead, this is when this little baby come in and save your life.

Item number 2:

Extra batteries for your camera

This time it’s your camera that needs extra feeding. I’m sure some of you can say, “no I don’t take that many photos. It won’t happen to me”… um ya it will. Because someday you might forget to charge it cause went out partying the night before, came home late and forgot to charge your camera. Or someday you might find a lot of interesting things that you just have to take photos of but of course you can’t cause your camera is dead.

Also, you don’t know if you’re going to get a chance to take that photo in that spot again so better safe than sorry!

Item number 3:


(This only applies when going out exploring since you are not allowed to take a filled water bottled within you on the plane; however, the empty one is fine!)

For the obvious reason ever, you should always stay hydrated especially when travelling to tropical or hot countries. You don’t want to be walking around, enjoying your time and all of a sudden you faint because of dehydration.

Carrying your own water bottle also means you save more money. For instance in the UK one bottled water costs £1-2, if you have to buy one everyday for a 2 week trip that is already £14-28… nearly cost as much as one night at a hostel. Even though you don’t think about the money side, it’s still important cause, depending on where you go, some places barely have any convenience stores where you can just grab a bottle of water and it’s really convenient for you cause you can easily top yourself up when feeling thirsty and continue on with your day.

The last item

Item number 4:


Yes it sounds boring but trust me you won’t regret bringing them with you, whether it’d be prescribed medicines or general medicines like painkillers. You might say that you’re really healthy and no you will never get sick cause let’s say you’re in Amsterdam for only 3 days. You actually won’t know when you’re going to catch a flu or when your hangover is going to turn into a sickness, and that’s when paracetamol turns into a superman and rescues you from a sick day in a hotel!

This hasn’t happened to me personally but it’s happened to my friend a couple times. She got sick all of a sudden and I just turned into a superwoman with my painkiller and bam she’s perfectly fine the next day as if nothing happened to her the day before.


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Mink Borwornsenee

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