Travel money rates at regional airports

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Is there a North-South divide when it comes to buying currency, and what about the travel money rates at regional airports? Recent research by Compare Holiday Money suggests that residents of Northern towns and cities don’t have the number and  range of suppliers available as London and the South-east so as a consequence local rates can be poorer.

Comparing the best exchange rates in York and London for example yielded these results:

Top 3 York Best Exchange Rates

Currency supplier Euro rate
Ramsdens 1.1048
NM Travel Money 1.1036
No1 Currency 1.1032

London Best Exchange Rates

Currency supplier Euro rate
Currency Online Group 1.1060
Currency Exchange Corporation 1.1052
Whitehall FX 1.1036

Regional Airports

Leeds/Bradford, Manchester, Doncaster/Sheffield and Birmingham are all cities served by regional Airports. In a lot of cases better prices can be found for flights and holidays from smaller regional airports than the heavyweights at Heathrow and Gatwick, but what about travel money rates? At Manchester Airport currency exchange is offered by Travelex and the rates on offer for euros was 1.0971.

travel money rates at regional airports travelex on map image

5 miles away in Stockport you will find the best local rates with NM Money at 1.1036. It’s important to point out as well that you will only get these rates if you reserve and pay online. If you just turn up to either store you will get a far lower rate and it’s not unusual at the moment for airport rates to be below parity, in other words £1.00 will not even get you €1.00 if you just turn up before you depart.

Travel money rates at regional airport NM money on map image

Interestingly if we look south at Heathrow Airport, Travelex once again dominate in the airport but the best local rate was only 4 miles away in the airport underground terminal with ICE and was 1.1048 hmmm!

Travelex once again are represented in Leeds/Bradford and the best rate locally for collection was Ramsdens 6.5 miles away  but was only 1.1037.

Birmingham Airport has a nice surprise when we see that the main supplier is ICE currency exchange and the rate at 1.1048 and is actually the best rate in a 10 mile radius. Again you must reserve online to get this rate.

So when it comes to collecting your currency in person there does seem to be better local rates available to customers in London and the south East. However, this gap can easily be closed by allowing enough time and ordering currency online for home delivery. The best euro rate at the time of writing was  1.1060 with Whitehall FX and although as the name suggests they are based in London they will deliver anywhere.

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Compare holiday Money makes it easy for you to see the best live exchange rates, research the suppliers and see their reviews to help you make the right decisions and get the most travel cash for your trip abroad whichever part of the country you live in.

All the rates quoted above were taken at the time of writing. For live up to date exchange rates see the website.

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