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Many of you would have already been on holiday this year what with the summer coming to a close now, but did you take out travel insurance and if not did you run into any medical problems whilst overseas on holiday?

We have found a very interesting infographic which Asda Money produced with regards to the real cost of travelling without travel insurance and what hospitals could charge if you required some serious medical treatment whilst on holiday overseas in Europe or America:

Travelling without travel insurance

Despite that 37% of people can’t afford travel insurance; it is still quite shocking that 43% of people from the survey didn’t even have a European Health Insurance Card for their siblings’ which is free from the NHS.

The European Health Insurance Card from the NHS is free to apply for although it only covers you in specific European countries and not for all medical treatment. None the less the European Health Insurance Card is still very useful as it can assist in obtaining medical treatment cheaper and in some cases for free which is billed back to the NHS on your behalf.

The European Health Insurance Card will only cover you if you need some basic treatment and therefore buying travel insurance that covers all your family in the countries you are travelling to is very important.

The FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) run a campaign called ‘Know Before You Go’ which provides more information on travel insurance and all the other basic requirements that you and your family will need when going overseas on holiday. The FCO always advise that you obtain your EHIC card and take out full comprehensive travel insurance and last of all make sure that you have readily available money just in case either the EHIC card or travel insurance doesn’t cover your specific medical treatment.

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