Turkey Hunting Season

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The peak period for visiting Turkey is fast approaching with the most popular time being May to July/August. The Turkish Lira is really good value for money right now and if you have bought your travel money before Christmas you would have got 155 Lira less than if you bought it this week (based on the tourist exchange rates and a budget of £750). That is quite saving representing about 5% more spending power for the same holiday budget. You can check out our comparison table for all the suppliers but what is really startling is the way the banks are really not interested in this currency. They simply do not see Turish Lira as a major business currency and as a consequence their rates are truly atrocious You will get more than 200TRY less for exactly the same price from your local bank than any of the serious suppliers including big names like ASDA and Debenhams, not just online specialists you may not have heard of.

Blue Mosque at night. Istanbul, Turkey, Southeastern Europe.

Blue Mosque at night. Istanbul, Turkey, Southeastern Europe.

The Turkish Lira is a classic example of why it is so important to compare the different rates being offered by the different currency suppliers. You cannotjust accept that your bank will offer you the best deal or even that all suppliers are the same. There is a massive difference between those suppliers that actually want your business and care about offering good value for money and the massive global banks who simply don’t.

Everyone can use the internet these days, if you couldn’t then you would not be reading this, you do not have to be taken for a mug just because the banks choose to treat you that way. You can vote not with your feet but with your mouse.

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