Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey?

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Photograph of the Istanbul skyline.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is the first choice holiday destination for millions of people every year, with a weak currency, great hospitality & resorts. However with the current political climate and the failed coup last summer casts a long shadow over the country.

Turkey borders Syria and those areas have seen a lot of tension and all of Turkey has a high terror risk. The best place to get travel advice right now is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) ‘Travel Aware’ site. There is no reason why you should not have a happy and safe holiday in Turkey. You can read the current advice here

What should I know before leaving?

The latest security measures put in place by the UK Government ban large phones, laptop’s, E-readers & tablets being brought into the cabin of the plane.

This only affects you if you’re returning to the UK from Turkey (inbound flights) so be sure to pack away all those devices into the suitcase on your way back from your holiday.

Power packs for your phone or tablet are not allowed in either the cabin or in your checked in bags, bringing these items will mean you won’t be able to board the plane.

Where’s Safe To Go? 

Over 1.7 million British tourist’s travel to Turkey every year, and for the most part it’s pretty safe, however, the government has advised against travelling in areas, unless necessary, which borders with Syria.

Map of Turkey showing the areas that is is safer to travel to.

For more information visit the FCO Travel Advice pages

After the failed coup attempt, politically the country is going through changes and instability. There is a referendum on powers of the president due on April 16th that is an example of this. The referendum could see vast crowds gathering to show their support. Take this into consideration when planning where and when you are going to visit specific places.

Map of the world showing the relative levels of terror threat

Threat of Terrorism Around The World

Turkey is seen as being under a high threat of terrorism, so be aware when you’re there.

The government states that terrorists usually target places that are not very well protected and where the public come to gather. You cannot avoid all pubs, restaurants and public transport obviously but you should remain vigilant. If you are worried you should try and avoid other places where large numbers of people congregate.

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  • Avatar An says:

    After all the bad things happening to the beautiful country Turkey, it seems to be an unsafe destination for tourists, but it is still my personal dream trip.

  • Peter Rudin-Burgess Peter Rudin-Burgess says:

    The FCO has not changed their stance on Turkey and so as long as you take sensible precautions, avoid rallies and demonstrations and stick to the areas set up for tourists then you should be as safe now as you were 12 months ago or 2 years ago.

    On the other hand I would certainly suggest you look into the FCO Travel Aware website and follow all the advice they publish.

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