What is the best kind of money belt?

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What is the best kind of money belt?

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This weeks question is… ‘What is the best kind of money belt?’

What is the best kind of money belt? Obviously I cannot answer this by endorsing a single product but there are really three kinds of money belt in fashion at the moment. There is the traditional money belt that really is a kind of belt that you wear around your waist with a pouch on the inside. These are OK for goig through an airport or city and taking a large amount of currency. They are not so practical if you actually want to get the money and actually buy something.

Another option is a leg pouch. These you wear under your trouser leg and it is about the length of your calf muscle and because you wear it on your calf muscle it is not obvious that you are wearing it. Leg pouches are bigger, wider and holdmore than a money belt so you can carry documents, money and cards. It is easier to put items in or take them out when kneeling down to tie your laces for example than with a money belt.

Finally, the third option is a neck pouch. This is my preferred option. You wear this around your neck under your shirt or jacket. the pouch is aboutthe size of your passport. this is the easiest by far to access your money whilst not being easy to steal. This is the sort of money pouch I would recommend.

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