What to do if delayed at Gatwick airport

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Gatwick is the UK’s second busiest airport with more than 275,000 flights per year! Unfortunately, this means that flight delays are common…In fact, Gatwick has been recently listed as the least punctual airport in the country! As we all know, waiting for a delayed flight can be a very frustrating experience.

So what can you do to help pass the time and keep yourself busy if you do get delayed at Gatwick airport?

Skyparksecure one of the country’s leading airport parking websites, came up with some top tips to keep you sane if your flight is delayed.

Go Online

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, you’ll probably want to let people know. If you don’t have your own data plan, you can use the airport’s WiFi for free, but there’s a catch – you only get 90 minutes online!

If you need to be online for longer than 90 minutes, you’ll either have to use the paid hotspots offered by Boingo or use one of the seven Internet kiosks provided by Surfbox.

Claim Compensation

If your flight is delayed, you may be entitled to compensation. This is the case even for delays of 2 hours, so make sure you claim what you’re entitled to as soon as you find out about the delay. Airlines should give you vouchers to cover food and drink, as well as Internet or phone access. For delays of 3+ hours, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Check with your airline!

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Grab a Bite to Eat

Gatwick has an impressive range of restaurants, so it’s anything but a chore to try as many as you can! The choice ranges from stylish seafood bars to chains like Wagamama, Nando’s and Wetherspoon.

Big plus: the airport’s restaurants and coffee shops offer free WiFi!  But remember to get the password when you order.

Pick Up a Free Magazine

Didn’t bring any reading material with you?

No problem: Gatwick offers complimentary magazines and newspapers at both terminals. Look for them outside the airport restaurants and near departure gates.

Catch Some Sleep

Yes of course you can stretch out on the seats if it’s quiet, or spread yourself amongst the cases on the floor but the good news is you can now get some quality sleep without having to spend a fortune.

YotelAir offers comfy en-suite cabins starting at £34 for a 4-hour stay. Look for them in the South Terminal, before security.

Freshen Up

If you’ve had a long journey, parked your car in your booked space, had to wait 15 minutes for the transfer, had to virtually strip off to get through security then you might feel a little frazzled. It can be a good feeling to freshen up a bit and you can enjoy a nice hot shower with towels and soap all provided for £10. It will make you feel 10 times better for the wait.

You can find shower facilities inside the Regus Express Lounge (South Terminal)


Buy currency

Well you can, there are a number of bureau de change within the airport but beware you might get stung! Leaving your currency purchases until the last minute can cost you dearly. The rate for euros at Gatwick at the time of writing was 1.0907, the best rate available on Compare Holiday Money and Skyparksecure was 1.1266 so for £750 you would have got another €26 if you ordered online. That would have paid for your shower and coffee and you would still come out on top!

If you are still to travel to Gatwick for your trip then Skyparksecure are offering readers up to 30% discount – be quick!

And fingers crossed your flight will be on time!






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