What to do with leftover Foreign coins?

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What to do with leftover foreign coins?

Going abroad means paying in a foreign currency. Before you left for your trip you have found the best exchange rate and brought the currency you need. You will have found that all suppliers will round the amount up or down slightly to avoid giving you coins. However, when you are on your travels you will almost certainly be given coins in change and if you come back with a few what can you do with them?

Spend your foreign coins while you are abroad

Since most banks and bureaux de change in the UK won’t accept your leftover foreign coins for exchange, the wisest thing to do is to spend your foreign coins while you are still abroad. Familiarise yourself with the local currency beforehand and that way you will avoid paying with large denomination banknotes in panic situations at the shop counter. Airport shops are a great place to spend your last leftover coins. Also, many local shopkeepers will gladly change coins into notes.

Donate your leftover coins to charity

If you do bring home some leftover coins, one way to dispose of them is to donate them to charity. Some airlines will take them in a collection and many supermarkets will have collection points in their bureaux. You can even donate them in a lot of charity shops if you want to be specific about the charity you choose to donate them to.

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Convert your leftover foreign coins to Pounds

To convert your foreign coins back to Pounds, you can use the online exchange service provided by foreign exchange providers. Most currency buyers will not take coins or they will only take €1 or €2 coins. One or two such as  Leftover Currency and Manor FX will take all kinds of coins and banknotes, even obsolete ones so this might be a time to dig out all your leftover currency! The exchange process is easy and well explained on their websites.

Keep your coins for later

If you might go back to the same country in the near future, you might choose to simply keep your leftover foreign coins for later. Many people keep their spare foreign coins somewhere in a drawer or jar. Just make sure you don’t forget where you put them, so you’ll find them easy next time when you need them!

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