When to take Annual Leave in 2018

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Are you already thinking about booking annual leave for your holiday next year? If not, you definitely should be. Based on the way that the bank holidays fall, you should consider going away in May. This will mean you can take twenty-four days off in a row by only using fourteen days of annual leave. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to take a trip abroad and have some time at home too, before returning to work.

What days should I book off?

In order to get twenty-four days off in a row, your final day in the office will need to take place on Friday 4th May 2018. You then will begin your fourteen days of annual leave (as of Saturday 5th). The remaining ten days will consist of bank holidays and weekends. You will return to work on Tuesday 29th May.

I have created a calendar which displays this more clearly. This suggests which days you need to request as annual leave. It also tells you which days are weekends and bank holidays.

Annual leave

Is there a shorter alternative?

If you don’t quite fancy using fourteen days annual leave at once, there is an alternative option of getting fourteen days off by only using eight days of annual leave. We suggest you have your last day in the office on Friday 23rd March. By doing this, you can return to work on Monday 9th April after having taken advantage of Good Friday, Easter Monday and three weekends. It’s a win-win situation!

From experience, time away from your job can be the reason you are excited to go back to work. Sometimes we all just need a break to enable us to do our job to the highest standard for the remainder of the year. If you make the most of your annual leave, you will feel refreshed and your career will reap the benefits.

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