Why you should consider flying early in the morning

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I understand it, the temptation to book a midday flight is strong but you should consider the benefits of flying early in the morning. Not only can you travel to the airport that morning, but you can do it at your leisure. However, have you considered the positives to flying very early in the morning? It can prevent so many of the common problems that occur when going abroad.

Less delays

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in an airport waiting to board your delayed flight. Going on holiday is supposed to be exciting and waiting in the airport should be part of the fun. By flying early, you lower the risk of being delayed as delays generally start occurring at around 8am due to air traffic. All previous flights will have landed the night before, therefore reducing the risk of air traffic caused delays.

More time if there is delays

Delays can be caused by all sorts of reasons at airports and this summer has seen a fair share of them. An advantage of an earlier time is if your flight is delayed for any reason you have more chance of being booked on to another flight that day.

Lower price 

Generally, the earlier you fly, the cheaper your ticket. The majority of people travel in the afternoon or evening, as this understandably can seem more convenient if you are flying with children or have worked earlier in the day. Therefore, airlines can justify higher prices for later flights, due to convenience. If you are able to fly earlier, then you will not be victim to these higher prices.

Less busy airports

It goes without saying that a crowded airport is stressful, and there is no worse start to a holiday than being stood in a queue. By flying early, you will get through security much quicker, and can enjoy your time in duty free! Not only this, staff and security at the airport are probably feeling more well rested at the beginning of their shifts, making the experience more pleasant for all involved.

Less turbulence

Most thunderstorms, extreme weather and unstable air occur later in the afternoon; therefore, your flight is more likely to be a pleasant and uneventful journey.

All things considered, if you can justify getting up that little bit earlier, your overall experience should run more smoothly. Not only that, you will arrive at your destination earlier!

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Holly Burgess

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    I got cheaper flights with Easyjet going at 12.45 than going around 7am from Manchester.. Although I think from that time it does start to get a lot busier. I have been on flights earlier arriving at airport at 5am and it seems so tranquil!! then… Win

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