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ASDA are currently ranked 12th for euros and 14th for US dollars in the UK. You can compare all UK suppliers and find the best exchange rates on our travel money comparisons page.

Currency Exchange Rate £750 Buys Buy Now
Euros 1.165 873.75 Buy Now
US dollars 1.3483 1,011.23 Buy Now
Turkish lira 11.7139 8,785.43 Buy Now
Australian dollars 1.7959 1,346.93 Buy Now
Bahraini dinars 0.4906 367.95 Buy Now
Barbados dollars 2.5631 1,922.33 Buy Now
Brunei dollars 1.7485 1,311.38 Buy Now
Bulgarian lev 2.1909 1,643.18 Buy Now
Canadian dollars 1.6335 1,225.13 Buy Now
Cayman Isles dollars 1.0385 778.88 Buy Now
Chilean pesos 1055.4 791,550.00 Buy Now
Chinese yuan 8.2908 6,218.10 Buy Now
Costa Rica colons 777.325 582,993.75 Buy Now
Croatian kuna 8.365 6,273.75 Buy Now
Czech koruna 28.2197 21,164.78 Buy Now
Danish krone 8.3718 6,278.85 Buy Now
Dominican pesos 72.4012 54,300.90 Buy Now
E. Caribbean dollars 3.4672 2,600.40 Buy Now
Fiji dollars 2.6613 1,995.98 Buy Now
Hong Kong dollars 10.1558 7,616.85 Buy Now
Hungarian forints 398.691 299,018.25 Buy Now
Icelandic krona 165.878 124,408.50 Buy Now
Indonesian rupiahs 17632.8 13,224,600.00 Buy Now
Israeli shekels 4.153 3,114.75 Buy Now
Jamaican dollars 191.471 143,603.25 Buy Now
Japanese yen 149.642 112,231.50 Buy Now
Jordanian dinars 0.9101 682.58 Buy Now
Kenyan shillings 142.132 106,599.00 Buy Now
Kuwaiti dinars 0.3912 293.40 Buy Now
Malaysian ringgits 5.357 4,017.75 Buy Now
Mauritian rupees 55.2671 41,450.33 Buy Now
Mexican pesos 26.7692 20,076.90 Buy Now
New Zealand dollars 1.8771 1,407.83 Buy Now
Norwegian krone 11.0773 8,307.98 Buy Now
Omani rials 0.4996 374.70 Buy Now
Peruvian nuevo sol 5.003 3,752.25 Buy Now
Philippine pesos 64.1395 48,104.63 Buy Now
Polish zloty 5.1084 3,831.30 Buy Now
Romanian leu 5.5424 4,156.80 Buy Now
Russian rubles 90.9853 68,238.98 Buy Now
Saudi riyals 4.9093 3,681.98 Buy Now
Singapore dollars 1.7615 1,321.13 Buy Now
South African rand 19.3691 14,526.83 Buy Now
Swedish krona 11.308 8,481.00 Buy Now
Swiss francs 1.2277 920.78 Buy Now
Taiwan dollars 36.0717 27,053.78 Buy Now
Thai baht 43.1925 32,394.38 Buy Now
UAE dirham 4.8243 3,618.23 Buy Now
Vietnamese dongs 26674.7 20,006,025.00 Buy Now

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US dollars
Turkish lira
Australian dollars
Bahraini dinars
Barbados dollars
Brunei dollars
Bulgarian lev
Canadian dollars
Cayman Islands dollars
Chilean pesos
Chinese yuan
Costa Rica colons
Croatian kuna
Czech koruna
Danish krone
Dominican pesos
East Caribbean dollars
Fiji dollars
Hong Kong dollars
Hungarian forints
Icelandic krona
Indonesian rupiahs
Israeli shekels
Jamaican dollars
Japanese yen
Jordanian dinars
Kenyan shillings
Kuwaiti dinars
Malaysian ringgits
Mauritian rupees
Mexican pesos
New Zealand dollars
Norwegian krone
Omani rials
Peruvian nuevo sol
Philippine pesos
Polish zloty
Romanian leu
Russian rubles
Saudi riyals
Singapore dollars
South African rand
Swedish krona
Swiss francs
Taiwan dollars
Thai baht
United Arab Emirates dirham
Vietnamese dongs

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ASDA currency services

ASDA offer a simple way to order your travel money. Place your order online, over the phone or at an in-store Travel Money bureau all with zero commission and no fees if you pay with your Asda Money Credit Card or debit card. Note: these are ONLINE rates - you may get a lower rate in-store unless you order online in advance.

Buy currency online for home delivery

We offer next working day delivery on all orders received by 1.30pm. All orders are sent using Royal Mail's Special Delivery service which is fully insured and guaranteed to arrive on the next working day. There are no delivery charges for orders of £500 and above. A fee of £3.95 will be applied below that amount. The minimum order for home delivery is £250 and the maximum is £2,500.

Reserve currency online for in-store collection

You can order your travel money online for collection at any of our branches. If the store has a travel money bureau you can collect your currency on your specified day after 2pm. If the store does not have a bureau you can pick your order up from customer services but only on Fridays. Orders placed before 1.30pm on Wednesday can be collected on Friday. Orders placed after this time can be collected the following Friday. Be sure to order online first to gurantee the best exchange rate as store rates may be lower if you don't order online in advance.

Sell back leftover / unused currency

We don't offer an online buyback scheme but you are welcome to pop in to any of our travel money bureau and we will buy back your unused currency even if you didn't buy it from us.

Send money abroad or receive funds from overseas

ASDA do not provide a money transfer service.

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